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"I love children. They are content with the least of things, and gold and mud are the same in their eyes."

—Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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Kuch rishte ajeeb hi dor mein bandhe hote hain Takrar se shuru hote hain, nafrat ke saaye mein panapte hain Girte hain, padte hain, par kaayam rahte hain. Nafrat badhti jaati hai aur rishte ki gaanth aur gehri hoti jaati hai. Itni ki ek din nafrat bhhi aur badhne se sharma jati hai, aur woh rishta sirf ek bandhan ban ke rah jaata hai. Lekin sirf nafrat waala. Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai jaise nafrat ke us maahol mein kuchh to hai Jo humse kehta hai ki is ansune, anjaane se, ankahe se ehsaas ko ek mauka to do. Par jis rishte ki neenv hi nafrat pe rakhi gayi ho, usse kuch bhi ummeed lagana Naadani nahi to aur kya hoga? Aur shayad yeh naadaani hum kar baithe hain Warna kyun itni nafrat ke baawjood humein aapki yaad aa rahi hai? Kyun hum aapse ladte hain, jhagadte hain lekin aapke jaane ke baad aap hi ki raah dekhte hain…hawaaon se aapki baatein karte hain…”

[Sorry THIS ONLY WORKS ONCE OVER :( I made this a long time ago and spent like infinite hours (xo) on it but then didn’t post cause it wouldn’t work more than once over but I think I’ll post it now because it is like the ultimate tribute and showcase of the epic journey of nafrat to pyaar. Here’s to Arnav and Khushi’s everlasting love!]

"Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, it just has to touch someone where your hands couldn’t."

—Rudy Akbarian (via purplebuddhaproject)

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"What is marriage but the discovery of a best friend, companion, soul mate in the one who is now your family? What is marriage but pillow-fights, and sleeping in, and teasing, and arguing, and telepathically communicating, and often misunderstanding, but always forgiving and constantly cherishing every laugh, every tear? What is marriage but the discovery of your guide to jannah, and may you be their guide. Ameen. May your closeness bring you closer to Him, azza wa jal. May your heart find contentment and your soul find peace. Ameen. What is marriage, but a journey… With your best friend… A journey to jannah. And what a beautiful destination that is."

—Within this Soul (via passionate-opinions)

Bollywood meets Disney
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Touch of Vermillion ♥

..happy.happy birthday anu♥.♥ wish all the pyaar & khushiyan <3 im so blessed to have u as a friend *.* can’t believe it’s been over a year since we first met..time kitni jaldi jaata hai na! words fall short of when describing how sweet & amazing you truly are..hamari crazy, ajeeb baatein & what not always make me so khush & ur sunday-waali stories are zindagi! ur so special and ab senti ho rahi hoon lol no but seriously ive admired you from the very beginning & now that i can call you one of my closest friends means so much to me! 

..hope u had the BEST DAY EVER!! aur kya kahoon..i can go on and on about ur perfecti♥n but we’ll leave that on w.a *which btw we need to start phirse jaldi!! aur tumhari aur meri jejaji ki bohot saari baatein karni hai <3 illuuu so muchhh <333

"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”


Parvati/Paro + dress/face porn (all dresses till 7th April 2014)

bah rahi hai zindagi…unn ankahi raahon mein jahan kisi…rahbar ki aarzoo bhi nahi…main akele hi thi har mod par magar…mere rahguzar ko meri talash rahi….

"Black is the queen of colours."

—Auguste Rodin (via tat-art)

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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai + (Sad) Reaction Gifs


A Greek organisation for anxious South Asian premed students: Rho Beta Rho