..in duono ke beech mein sab hai..


Im really scared for Imran Khan.

Ya Allah, Pakistan ki hifazat karna



Had God wanted, He would have created you sinless. But He created you sinful so that you may know that success is not an absence of faults, rather it is the ability to admit your faults, challenge them, and overcome them.

Turin, 06/07.

Ek Villain - Background Music

(ripped by Vigness 117 & samjo511).

"The song that Jordan sings for Heer. Personal, from the heart. You never have to leave now. I don’t have to travel to you, you don’t have to hide. I don’t have to miss you ever. You don’t have to call me anymore. We are together now. We are together forever." (excerpt from Imtiaz Ali’s first draft of the script)

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أريد أن أمسك يدك في الجنة ويقول “نحن أخيرا هنا.”

I want to hold your hand in Jannah (Paradise) and say “we’re finally here.” (via detailedly)


Guys, there’s a huge, huge Azadi March going on in Pakistan at the moment with thousands and thousands of people taking part from all over the country. There’s two other marches following and this will go on for hours, maybe days. If god forbid something were to go wrong many people could get injured, the elderly, women, children. Please take a moment and pray for all of their safety! And for the well being of Pakistan!

I trust God with my life. After all, he gave it to me.

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you have time to fulfill every wish of yours. we have the time. 
we will fulfill it together. poori zindagi aisha, poori zindagi!

Shraddha Kapoor Walks The Ramp for JJ Valaya at BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014



Imran khan sleeping on the container during the Azaadi march

"Light tou band ker dou bhenchodo"